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3 Reasons Why You Should Use Video Marketing

Every small business owner should be moving more and more into using video as a marketing tool.

Video is the fastest growing part of the internet, over half of all web traffic is now video. That number will only get bigger! Not only is the number of users who view video growing, so are the number of users that will click on at least one video per day.

So why should you use video marketing?

It’s no surprise, people are vastly preferring video to traditional text online and many large and small organizations, are working right now to develop video marketing content in that space. The benefits are tangible because companies see direct sales and benefits from video marketing.

A small business owner might ask if it is possible for them to be able to compete in video marketing with some of the larger organizations out there, and the answer is a resounding yes. Video marketing is available for every budget, from the corner shop to large national brick and mortar chains.

Here are three great reasons why YOU should use video as part of YOUR marketing strategy:

  1. Show your product or service – Video speaks directly to most customers and by producing short 2-5 minute videos of the specific benefits and skills of your company to them; it makes much more of an impact and connection than just seeing an ad online. This especially helps if you have an interesting or novel product. Show ‘how to’ videos or customers using the product in action, and potential buyers will immediately be able to see how your product will help them.
  1. Video helps build a brand – Online marketing is huge now and estimates are it will only continue to grow in the future. Being able to produce quality content quickly that is interesting to potential viewers is really important. When video content is used online, it allows a perfect opportunity for it to be shared over a variety of platforms. A marketing video campaign does not have to sit on your company’s YouTube channel; it can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon and more. This leads to increased views and potentially, increased revenues.
  1. Video can reach a much broader audience, cheaper – For many small businesses the marketing budget is not that large and the thought of being able to reach hundreds of thousands, or even millions of potential customers all over the world is something they never would have dreamed of because it would just cost simply too much money. But, with a few quality videos, this is completely possible and quite likely to occur. These videos provide a great value, and can easily and quickly reach a tonne of potential customers.

Every small business owner should be moving more and more into using video as a marketing tool.

More customers can be reached than ever, and the costs are minimal. The playing field has certainly evened out when it comes to technology for marketing, especially when using videos on social media.

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